Friday, September 2, 2011


           Hello everyone! I haven't written on this in so long! I have the day of today and have a little extra time while the kids nap, so I thought I would post.
           Time has gone by so fast while I've been working. A month feels like a week.
           Thing Two is walking now! He was able to do it for awhile, but just didnt want to.
           He is still a great eater. He usually eats more than Thing One does!
           Thing One is doing well, too. He is learning new things every day! Just today he read a book to ME for the first time. He went to every page and made up a whole story. It was really nice.
           He still likes to cook and take pictures. He helped me make lunch today.

           Dinner is in the slow-cooker. We're having my Easy Country Style Ribs for dinner. I'm hoping that some friends of ours will come over for dinner. Pops never likes company when I make ribs though! 


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