Friday, May 27, 2011

The Chronicles of Saydee and the Jelly Beans

When I put Thing Two down for his naps, I take him into my bedroom, feed him, and then lay him in his bed.
I am in there for about 10 minutes.

I usually set up a show or some toys for Thing One, and ask him to just play quietly so I can get Thing Two to sleep.
Sometimes I will come out to find him getting into things he shouldn't; but usually he is really good.

And then sometimes, I find out about things AFTER they have happened. Like when I went through my camera the other day, and found all these pictures of Saydee.
It started with pictures of Saydee just laying.
Then, suddenly a bunch of jelly beans appeared in front of her.
As the pictures progressed, it showed Saydee eating all of the jelly beans! 

           I do have to say that it's pretty cool how into photography Thing One is. He gets right down on the floor to get the picture he wants!!

Our doctors appointment went alright.
They couldn't find anything wrong with us, so they just figured that we had a virus. Since I have been sick for so long they think I must have caught a couple of virus' back to back.
I'm hardly ever sick. So I doubt that, haha.

While there though, the doctor noticed that Thing Two's left ear was completely clogged with wax.
He decided to try and clean some out, with a tool that looked like a little spoon.
As soon as he tried to get some wax out of the ear, Thing Two SCREAMED. Worse than shots.
It must have been a very sudden sharp pain.

He wasn't even able to get much out, because right when he started, Thing One fell down and landed on his face. He bit his cheek pretty good, and has a big bruise on his cheek. 

So, now both boys were crying hysterically. I'm trying to comfort them both and the doctor says "Ooookay, I'm going to go now, I'll be right back." And he just left! He obviously does NOT have kids.

He never even finished Thing Two's ear and now Thing Two keeps tugging on it.

I think I'm going to try the bulb syringe method: gently squeezing some warm water into the ear, and then suctioning it out.
I might also try letting the ear soak in some hydrogen peroxide. I've heard that works really well.

I could always take him to urgent care, but they would probably use the spoon again, and I'm worried about them just pushing the wax in further since the entire ear was clogged.

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