Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When I woke up this morning I knew it was going to be cold outside. It was freezing in the house, with the heat on! But I was not expecting to see the first accumulation of snow on the ground! Just a couple of weeks ago Thing One and I were playing outside in just sweatshirts, and now it's snowing! But it is appropriate as it is the first day of December! The month of cheer, and family, and yummy things to eat!

         I always look forward to the start of a new year. It just feels like a time of renewal; a time to look back and think of what you wish you did differently for the past year. Or of what you liked doing for the past year that you want to keep doing! I don't make New Year's resolutions, I like to be more general than to make specific goals. So instead of saying "I will stop eating sugar and will work out at least 3 times a week." I will say "I am going to be healthier."

       Pops brought home a couple pounds of venison given to him by a coworker. When I asked Pops what he wanted me to make with it he said "Tacos and taco salad." Venison tacos sound great, but I don't really want taco salad when it's snowing outside! So I think I will try a new recipe; Patty Melts. These originally take ground beef, but I'm sure will be just as good, if not better, with venison.
       Speaking of Pops, he has a job interview next week. The job is about an hour away, but he says he would be willing to commute. On top of that, he is going to be starting school again this January. He is a busy man! 

       I am also getting back into school. There are a couple of career choices that I want to explore. It's so exciting to think of all the opportunities available to everyone in this country.

       We still have to decorate for Christmas! We normally do it the weekend after Thanksgiving, but we were so busy that weekend we never got around to it. Pops wants to get a real tree this year. We've always used a fake one that has the lights on it already. That means we're going to have to get lights. And a tree stand. And a tree skirt! Oooh holiday shopping! It's here!
      In the middle of this holiday rush I do have a wonderful break coming up. A great friend of mine, the same who shared the Thanksgiving recipes with me, is taking me out for a spa day! Lunch, pedicures, and massages! I haven't looked forward to something for myself in a long time, so I can't wait for this! It is much needed, and well deserved.

      A couple of questions for you all to think about.
What do you prefer; a fake tree or a real one?
Do you make New Years resolutions?
How often do you do something nice, just for yourself?

        And of course, here is a picture of Thing Two to help you start your day off right!

Thank you for visiting my Mommy's blog! Bye!


  1. i've got a fake Christmas tree! We used to have a real one, but i got tired of finding its needls everywhere round our home all the way up to June, so... :0) And my new Tree is made of Glass! real Murano Glass broght all the way from Venice, complete with the golden star and colored glass-balls to hang on it :0) and instead of lights i just put a candle burning behind it - it makes all the Christmas feeling anyone might ask for :0)
    On the other hand, kids comming to my place are old enough not to mess my wonderful tree, and you might need something less gentle =)

  2. A glass Christmas Tree?? It sounds beautiful! Definatly something to think about once the kids are grown.