Monday, February 7, 2011

Random Post

Here's some picture of the kids; just because they are so cute!
Thing One and Thing Two were playing in Thing One's room again a couple days ago.
Thing One was poking his head up over the side of his bed, yelling "PEEKABOO!" for Thing Two.
I had to try and get a video of this, but as soon as I came in with my camera, Thing Two wouldn't take his eyes off me.

Thing Two

Thing One

Then, it was nap time.
Thing One usually stays in his room for about an hour a day, usually at 2pm. He usually drinks his "pink" (strawberry milk) and then plays quietly for awhile.
He will then come to his door and say "Mama, can I come out?"
Very occasionally he will actually fall asleep.
Most of the times when he does though he wants to stay asleep for the rest of the night.

Here are some more photos taken by Thing One. He used our camera for these...
He loves taking pictures of himself, and of Thing Two.

And finally, the last thing I have to say for today is.....
Never bring chalk into the house.

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