Monday, December 13, 2010

The first real snowfall.

Thing One all dressed and ready to go! He looked very warm in his new coat and snow pants.

Pops and Thing Two heading out.

Thing One going down the hill in his sled.

Thing One was having so much fun!

And so were we!

I love how great our camera captured the snowflakes.

I went down the hill once, but the sled was way too small to do it again! Pops and I will have to get out our sleds!

Thing Two was all snuggled up in his stroller.

     We had a lot of fun, but didn't stay out long. It was about 19 degrees out, and was getting dark. I had told Thing One that we needed to go inside because his cheeks were getting red. He got all worried after that, and just wanted to get wrapped up in a blanket and drink hot chocolate. He was acting like he was sick, and just kept saying "My cheeks are red..." Sometimes he likes to be a "little baby" and be taken care of. It's nice, because every other time he won't even give you a hug! So I make sure to get all my snuggles in with "little baby" or "little baby puppy".

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