Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scary Shower Experience

Scary Shower Experience
By: Nicole Kuehn 

She finally made it home safely after having to drive her kids to school through a snow storm. She was still ruminating about the district not calling school off as she turned on the water for her shower. Steam started rolling out of the top of the curtain as she gathered a new outfit and started to undress. As she stepped into the hot water she started thinking about all the things she was grateful for. Things had been going really well for her.

Midway through the shower, with shampoo in her hair, there was a loud bang in her apartment followed by the loudest yelp she'd ever heard from her dog before. Her thoughts instantly went to her front door, which she knew she had left unlocked. "Lilly" she called her dogs name in a shaky voice. Looking out of the shower curtain she called again. Nothing. Usually the dog came running if she called. There was no sound in the apartment at all. She closed the curtain again, still calling the dogs name, and began to think. 
What if someone is in my apartment right now. They know I'm in the shower, that's the way it always happens isn't it? "At least let me finish my shower and be clean!" She yelled out. The last thing she wanted was someone confronting her while she was at her most fragile state. She quietly went through the motions of rinsing the shampoo out of her hair and then using conditioner. Her stomach dropped when she realized what was next. I have to wash my face. I have to close my eyes!

"LILLY!" She yelled one more time peering out of the shower curtain. Still no dog and still not a sound. Screw it, just get it over with. She grabbed the face wash and poured a small amount into the palm of her hand. She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes and stuck her face into the water. She then proceeded to do the fastest face wash in the history of mankind and stuck her face into the water again, rinsing off the soap. She opened her eyes and threw the shower curtain open, sure to see some lumbering murderer waiting for her. There was nothing. 
She finished rinsing herself and after turning the water off she stepped out of the shower. Slowly she dressed herself, listening intently for any sound. When she was fully clothed she knew it was time to face whatever it was that was out there. She walked into her bedroom first, only to find her dog Lilly, laying on the bed looking content. "What were you crying about?" She asked the dog, expecting an answer. Lilly lifted her head but gave no other clue as to what could have made her cry out like that. 

After looking around the entire house she ran to the door, closed the bolt, and slid the chain into place. Turning around and placing her back against the door she couldn't believe she had just prepared for her own death for nothing.

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