Friday, November 12, 2010

Freezer Update

         I went through my freezer to see what all we had, and what we could need. I have my kitchen freezer for foods that I plan on using within the month. I then have a standing deep freezer in our garage that I use for foods to use within six months.
       In the kitchen freezer I have pork chops, pumpkin roll cake, banana muffins, pumpkin swirl brownies, frozen fruit for smoothies, fish sticks, and breakfast burritos.
      In the garage freezer I have more breakfast burritos, banana muffins, pumpkin swirl brownies, and pork shoulder ribs.

      I have extra pumpkin from the penne and roll cake that I need to use, so I will be using my muffin recipe for that.

       Recipes to come; muffins, smoothie, spatzle, shnitzel, and fish sticks.

      What do you like to keep on hand in the freezer?

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