Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello Again

       Hello Everyone! 

       It has been so long since I have written on this blog regularly, and I miss it! I've just got so much going on.
       I'm so glad that the weather is finally getting nicer. I love getting out of the house. Even if it's just hanging out in the yard.
       Thing One has been asking me for tomato plants for our garden for the longest time now. I finally got him two plants; one roma tomato and one grape type tomato.
       I only got two tomato plants this year because last year I got 4 plants, and we had WAY too much. We also planted them in a different garden bed this year. This bed doesn't get as much sun, so we will see how they do. 

      I plan on making frittatas for dinner tonight. Probably zucchini cheddar.
      If I do I plan on taking pictures and posting the recipe!

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