Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thing One Gets a Haircut! and Living Room: BEFORE

Today, I will be maintaining the kitchen and dining room, and I will be cleaning and de-cluttering the living room.
That is where most of my papers are; usually coupons, newspapers, and magazines that I haven't gone through yet.
I have a closet full of magazines because I always felt like "Well I might want to read it again later!"
I am just now able to recycle my magazines. There's no need to have all this extra..... stuff.

Thing One's hair has been getting super long.
So long that it wasn't even curling anymore!
Even though I love his hair, I decided it was time to cut it.

He was mad at me for cutting his hair!

But he warmed up once I told him how handsome he was!

         At first it looked really frazzled after I cut it. But now that it has been washed a couple times, it looks great! His curls are coming back in now that the hair is a little bit shorter.

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