Monday, February 28, 2011


       Thing One was very sick last night. Sicker than he's ever been. Before I tell about it, I'll give a little background.

       Yesterday, the 27th, was Pops and my anniversary. We have been married for a full year! The 27th of February is also the day we first started dating, 5 years ago. So, we get to celebrate two anniversaries in one.
       We celebrated by going out to dinner Saturday night with family, and then going to a hotel for the night, with out the kids. I was so excited just to get a night of sleep without interruptions!
       Sunday, we checked out of our hotel and went home, but only so we could check on the kids and I could feed Thing Two. We then went out and did a little bit of shopping, and out to dinner.
      When we came home, Thing One was acting a little different, and asked if I would just hold him. So I just carried him around for awhile, when he started to tell me that his tummy hurt. He said he was ready for bed.
        So, I got his bottle ready, and him and I started heading to his room when all of a sudden... he threw up. Twice.
        He then walked to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet a couple more times. He then got up into bed.

         Once he was in bed, he was sounding better, and so I gave him his bottle and told him goodnight. I then went and put Thing Two to bed, while Pops cleaned up the mess.
         After both kids were asleep, and the mess was clean, Pops and I played some video games together. We played for about 15 minutes when we heard throwing up again.

          I went into Thing One's room and he had thrown up again. It had gotten on his arm and face, and so we started running a bath. When we came back in his room to get him, he was asleep. I didn't want to wake him, so I got a washcloth and cleaned him, and the mess. He stayed asleep the whole time. I took his bottle away.
         After that, Thing One woke up every half an hour, throwing up.
         I ended up laying down with him, and saw that he would fall asleep, and would then start throwing up in his sleep. :( He would wake up very confused.
        I was then ready for bed, and so I brought Thing One into bed with me. He kept asking for something to drink, so I gave him a little bit of water. He fell asleep right away.
        Right as I was falling asleep, he threw up, again!

       So, that was our night. Going back and forth between his bed and mine, changing sheets and towels over and over and over.

     This morning he still has a fever, and we're taking it slow with food and drinks, but he's doing good. He doesn't want anything to eat, he just wants water or lemonade. I'm afraid it will make him sick, but I did give him a little water in a sippy cup. Hopefully he will just keep getting better through out the day.
     It was so hard seeing him in so much pain from dry-heaving.

    So, my plan for today was to plan my weekly menu and to do my grocery shopping, but I think instead I will be tending to Thing One, and cleaning puke.

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