Friday, February 4, 2011

On to Meats

Thing Two is starting to eat meat now.
He's getting bigger, which means his appetite is getting bigger too!
At his last check-up he weighed 18.5 pounds.
Thing One weighed around the same at 12 months!

So, with Thing Two's big appetite I have to make sure to stay ahead of his feeding schedule or else......


...this happens.
He was so hungry!
This was last night, at dinner time. He had peas and ham for dinner. I was surprised because he really liked the ham.
That night Thing Two slept so much better than usual! Usually some time during the night he will wake up, and will stay awake for hours before going back to sleep. That didn't happen at all last night.
I'm hoping it's because he ate solid food right before bed.
I'm going to try and give him a snack before bed every night, and see if every night goes that well.

Here is Thing Two AFTER he ate! Full tummy and happy. :)


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  1. Awww Danny! My little nephew! That little smile just pulls on my heart strings!