Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pictures, Caffeine, and Shots

Thing Two has a doctor's appointment today. That means shots. He skipped his 4 month appointment, which means he has to catch up on his shots during this appointment. That means a lot of shots. :(
Does it ever get easier to see your kids get shots?
I think it's harder when they are babies. They are sitting there, smiling at you all happy, not expecting a thing. The next thing they know, they are being stabbed by something and are in pain.
On the other hand though, once they are toddlers they have to deal with the anticipation of knowing that they are about to get a shot.
The nurse has us hold their arms across their chest tight, and she holds their legs down. She then gives them their shots. Last time Thing One got shots, he was 2 years old, and got scared when we started holding him down.

The next time he gets shots, he will be 3 years old, and we are going to tell him that he is going to get shots, so he's not just suddenly getting held down for no reason.

I'm pretty sure I get much more upset about it than the kids do.
In Europe they are developing a patch for immunizations.
Is it ready yet?

I'm afraid have fallen into the dreaded caffeine curse.
In the morning, if I do not drink something caffeinated, I am in a bad mood all day; short tempered and lazy.
If I have just one cup of coffee, I am perky and happy all day; looking forward to playing with the boys and getting housework done.
I hate to be like that.
Caffeine is addictive.
And I feel that if I NEED one cup of coffee in the morning to be in a good mood, that one cup is going to turn into two, then three, then five.
Then one day it's going to just do nothing for me, and I will be grumpy and SOL!

Excuse me while I get some coffee.

Thing One is still using his camera. He can take pictures all day.
Here are some more of his pictures.

Thing Two

Thing One (He loves taking pictures of himself!)

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