Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spa Day and Popcorn Strings

        Yesterday was my spa day; lunch, pedicures, and massages! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful friend to do something so nice for me. I was gone from noon to 7:30 pm! Pops and the boys were on their own for a good 7 hours. Pops said everything went great, and that I should go out more often since I don't do much for myself. I'm also lucky to have such a good husband!
     The massage was wonderful. So wonderful that we are going back tomorrow!
      I think it just might have to be a once a month thing!


I've been looking for crafts and different activities to help keep Thing One busy now that we're going to be inside all the time. Since it's the holidays it's the perfect time to make different crafts!
One thing that I seem to remember making as a kid was popcorn strings for the Christmas Tree. It's pretty easy, and can take up a whole afternoon if you let it!

First, pop some popcorn. I like using the seeds; it's more fun for the kids, and the popcorn will be plain.

Then tie some thread to a needle. Have your string be as long as you would like your popcorn string to be.
Push a piece of popcorn through the needle and down the string. 
When you get to the end, tie the end of the string around your piece of popcorn so it wont fall off.
Continue to thread more pieces of popcorn until your string is full.
Cut the needle off the thread, and tie that end around the last popcorn.

Thing One got bored with the popcorn strings pretty fast since he couldn't do it himself, but Saydee and Virgil had their attention on me the whole time!

When your strings are done, place them on the tree!

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