Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween was a lot of fun this year! We weren't able to do everything that we wanted to, but we still had fun. Pops and I did go to our costume party, but we ended up not going to the kids' party. Thing One had been grumpy all day and ended up falling asleep right before getting to the house that the party was at. Pops thought it would be better to just let him sleep instead of waking him up after just a few minutes of sleep.

Super Mario and Princess Peach

     Halloween night we got Thing One in his costume and got set to go. He was very excited, and asked to stop at every house to get candy. At each house he would try to take their whole bowl of candy from them, and would say "Thank you, Bye!" 
Thing One in his Dragon Costume
Thing One and I
Thing Two as a Pumpkin

       Near the end he thought he had enough candy in his bucket, so at each house he would say "I'm coming in, I want to sit down."
       As soon as we got home he was able to sit on a blanket and dump out all his candy, picnic style! He tried a KitKat and loved it so much he picked out every single one and set them aside. Pops then picked up Chinese food for us to have a quick and easy Halloween dinner. 

    After we ate Thing One and Pops shared about 3 more KitKats and then he was ready for bed.

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