Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend Madness!

Thing One
         This Halloween weekend is going to be so busy for us! Tonight Pops and I have a costume party to attend with some of our friends. The kids' Grandpa is coming to watch them for us while we're out.
         Tomorrow Thing One and Thing Two have their own costume party to go to, and I still have to make Rice Krispie Treats!! Then Sunday is Trick-or-Treating of course! I think it might really hit Thing One this year that we're going out to get a basket full of candy! That night should be fun. :)
       And, on top of all that, we still want to try and fit in picking pumpkins and carving them, AND making caramel apples!! We might just skip the pumpkins this year... it's getting pretty late.
       I'm excited to make my Rice Krispie Treats. I'm going to make ghosts and pumpkins, and Thing One is going to help me put the faces on them. I'll make sure to post some pictures.

What are your Halloween plans?

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