Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Plans and Spring Allergies

Hello Friends,
As some of you may remember, I am a BzzAgent. will send me products for free, I use them and review them. I then share my thoughts and opinion with others around me about the product.
Today I received Children's Claritin.
I already love Claritin. It is one of the few allergy meds I can count on to not make me or the kids super drowsy.
Thing One has been having more allergy symptoms this year... Hopefully this will help him!
Easter is right around the corner!
An unfortunate part of having joint custody is sharing holidays.
This year, the kids will be with Pops on Easter Sunday, so I will be hosting my celebrations on Thursday, my day off from work.
I will be making a citrus glazed ham (recipe to come), braised asparagus, cheesy potatoes, and much more!
What are your Easter plans?

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