Monday, April 18, 2011

Where are you spring?

I love having a deck! During warmer weather, it's like having another room in the house. We have locking gates at the stairs so that Thing One can't open them.
I'm able to keep our sliding glass door open, and just let Thing One go in and out.

Now that we are keeping the yard clean, I'm hoping that Thing One will be able to play in the yard more as well.
I'm still not sure if he's old enough to play out there by himself yet.
I feel he's responsible enough, I just worry about his safety. Even though it is all fenced in, I don't like ever taking my eyes off him.

      It snowed today. A good two inches. I can't believe it! I thought spring was here for good!  Oh well. I've started using Thing One's birthday as a mark for when you know for sure that the warm weather is here to stay.
       When we went into the hospital to have Thing One it was very cold.
        When we came home with him, it was so warm and sunny, and was a good long spring. So, the middle of May seems to be real spring in Michigan, even though to me it seems like it should start getting warm in March!

        Tomorrow I am taking the boys to Jungle Java. It is a huge play area for kids, with the suspended tubes and ropes and things for them to play in. Thing One LOVES it!! He stays up there for so long playing with other kids. Last time we were there, he would stay up for about an hour at a time, and I was starting to worry about him!
         I would go look for him, and when I would find him I'd yell hello to him, and he would say "What, Mom?" like I was ruining his fun! hahah
          He is so independent.

        Speaking of independence; I thought that once Thing Two really starting getting mobile on his own, that he would become more independent.... Nope.
         Now, he can just follow me where ever I go! He is very persistent.
        That's alright though... He wont be a baby forever!

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