Monday, April 4, 2011


          Hello Everyone!
                    It has been so long since I have even LOOKED at the blog!! I have been so busy with this and that. Really it's mostly been the kids. Now that it's getting a little warmer we've been doing so much more; not only outside, but inside too!
         It can be hard trying to keep track of everything.
         Let's see.... What is new with us...

1. We got a new car! Well it's a used car, but it's new to us! We've been needing a family vehicle, since our old car was a two-door. It was hard getting the kids in and out.

2. That's about it! haha

         Thing One's birthday is coming up. He is going to be three!! I can't believe it... Both of the kids are growing up so fast. Thing Two is already almost a year!

        Thing One says he wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday, but that's what he did last year. If that's the only thing he wants to do though, then we'll do it.


       I've started working out more. I'm trying to follow a routine, using our Wii Fitness, Personal Trainer. I work out for two days, and then break for one. Then, the weekend came, and I just stopped haha.
       I have to get back on track. Hopefully today I will start back up. Maybe right after I'm done with this post!
       I bought a bathing suit that I would no way wear right now, but I'm hoping by July I will feel comfortable enough to wear it. We shall see.
        I'm going to do before and after pictures... Not sure If I will post them though!!


      The kids were going to daycare, but we are probably stopping this week. It was nice for awhile when I needed that break, but now we are getting back to our normal routine.

Other than that, not much else.
For dinner tonight I am either going to make steaks or jambalaya.

Bye for now!

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