Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not so Wordless: A Welcome Break

        Pops took the boys to daycare this morning. I had been feeling like I needed a more routine break, and a family friend runs her own daycare from home, and so the two just seemed to fit perfectly.
        I would like them to go twice a week, Monday and Wednesday. Monday would be my errand day, when I do all my shopping and other things. Wednesday would be my cleaning and cooking day.
       We're going to see what we can afford for now. If need be, we will just do once a week; Wednesday.

      I use to try and do everything at once. Cook, clean, and play with the kids. When I would try to do everything, I would end up doing nothing.
     Pops and I agree that nothing is more important than the kids. If I was cooking, I use to make them wait for me. We've changed things. Now, everything else waits for them.
      Things have been going much more peacefully than they were, but I'm still not cleaning, and I'm not doing much cooking.
       I also use to do my blog and cleaning etc. after the kids went to bed. But now, I'm listening to my body, and it's telling me I'm ready to go to bed when the kids do.
      I'm not getting that relaxing down time at night anymore, but I'm able to get up in the morning without a problem.

      It's all trial and error, you've got to make mistakes to learn what works.

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