Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My (failed) attempt at "crying it out".

    Thing Two is 7 months now. He is still waking up several times a night. I know this is normal. I am just use to Thing One, who slept through the night since 2 months old!

   Thing Two is very dependant on me. He usually only wants me to put him to bed. And he would rather stare at me all night than go to sleep.
   So, I am going to try and wean him off of me.

   One of the main ways is to let the baby "cry it out", which means to lay the baby in the crib while he or she is sleepy, but still awake. If they start to cry, you are to let them lay and cry until they fall asleep.
   You can check on them every 10 minutes or so, but only to tell them it's okay, but that it's time to sleep.

    So, this is what happened:

At about 7:00 pm I fed Thing Two. Usually he falls asleep while eating. I will then carefully pick him up and put him in his bed. Sometimes, like tonight, he will not fall asleep, or I will just be in a rush to get him to sleep. When I am, it's like Thing Two knows and he will not go to sleep.
I would like to be able to feed Thing Two an after dinner snack, and then later be able to just lay him in bed awake, and he will just go to sleep on his own.

So, back to the night. At 7:30pm Thing Two is looking very sleepy, so I put him right in his bed. I cover him up and tell him "night night". I then walk away. He immediatly starts crying. I sit outside the door.
He cries for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes he starts screaming. I go in and pick him up. I sit on the edge of the bed with him and hum "twinkle twinkle". He tries to suck on my eyebrow.

I hold him for about 5 minutes and then put him back in his bed. I sing "twinkle twinkle" tell him goodnight, and walk away. He again starts crying the second he can't see me. I sit outside the door again.
I plan on letting him cry for another 10 minutes, but after about 4 minutes I hear Thing One start crying. Thing Two's crys have woken him up.

I go in and pick up Thing Two to get him to stop crying. I feed him until he falls asleep. I then carefully put him in his bed.

I'm going to have to find a quieter way to wean Thing Two.

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