Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree! We went to Urquhart's Tree Farm near Chelsea, Michigan. It was very crowded! Luckily, everything was very organized, and it was easy to park, get the materials and tree, and to then leave. Pops and I drove separately so that we could put the tree in the back of the truck.
It was also very cold!
We didn't think of mittens for Thing One, and he was really cold. We got him a blanket, and he wanted to just stay cuddled in the blanket and to ride on the sled!

Here's our Christmas Tree, pre-decorated!!

       We had to walk quite a ways, and up a little hill to get to the trees that we wanted. We wanted either a Blue Spruce or a Douglas Fir. We ended up getting a Douglas Fir because they were closer, and it was too cold to walk anymore!

Pops cutting down the tree!!

Thing One had a couple of tantrums while we were there. He wanted to cut down the tree on his own, but of course couldn't. Once Pops cut it down though, he was happy!

Thing Two was nice and warm in his sling, inside my coat. He had a couple of layers to keep him warm, and slept most of the time!

On the way back Thing One insisted on being carried. I carried him for awhile, with Thing Two but it was too hard. Pops wrapped him all up in the blanket again and carried him down the hill.

Here's our tree! We still haven't gotten the lights, but will do so this morning.
The tree is a little funny looking, and uneven, but out in the freezing cold with a crying two-year old it looked perfect to us, and it still does.

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